Political Consultancy

Election campaign strategy is a plan of priority of actions and communication to win an electoral contest. It brings focus and integrates complex set of actions involved in reaching the ‘right VOTERS’ in the ‘right PLACE’, with a ‘right CANDIDATE’, with the ‘right MESSAGE’ at the ‘right TIME’ .

There is no second prize for losing an election. We help you win.

In an election campaign winning is everything; there is no consolation for being a runner-up. With the increasing penetration of television and internet, voters today are more informed, independent and discerning in casting their vote. The traditional methods of political campaign planning whilst being useful, need a major upgrade to develop an effective election campaign strategy. Some of the most important THREE questions that need answered “Who are the most important voters we need to win?” “Where and How do we reach them?” “What do we need to do and say to persuade them to cast their vote for us?” Understanding your voter and connecting with them is the X-factor. We help you fathom the voters’ need – what would persuade them – and the most effective way to reach out to them
As your campaign strategists, we use our unique polling methodology and proprietary data analytics to generate insights and chart out a campaign that persuades voters to vote for you. Our election campaign strategy team comprising of polling experts, data scientists, social and political scientists is led by Ashwani Singla, Astrum’s Founding Managing Partner, who over the course of two decades of consulting has advised several National and State leaders.

Our Specializations Include

Voter Segmentation:

Knowing your voters is the key to winning elections. However, effective voter segmentation goes beyond caste and coalition combinations. Here lies the science of discovering your advocates and adversaries and most importantly, the winnables, also known as the Swing voters. Our unique and proprietary understanding and targeting of the ‘Swing’ voters is the difference between winning or losing the election.

Candidate Positioning:
You might mean something to somebody and nothing to everybody. Projecting your image as a candidate of choice to winnable/swing voters helps you get ahead of others.What is the image that would mobilise the voters? Using our battleground positioning framework, we help you develop your public persona that will mobilise the voters to vote for you.

Campaign Messaging:
Most elections around the world are fought on similar issues. It is the effective articulation of these issues that connects you with the voters. Simplicity and clarity of your messages help you break through the clutter. We develop and test messages of their ‘persuasiveness’ so you know for sure the impact of your messages in winning the minds and hearts of your voters.

Voter Sentiment Tracking:
So how do you know if what you are doing is working? If you wait for the Election Day, it might be too late. The campaign office will feed you anecdotes and ground intelligence. But Astrum will be your independent voice that would tell you whether the voters are with you or moving away. Our election campaign management services include deploying a monitoring system that gives you a moving picture which is actionable, you can make the necessary and timely course corrections to win and stay in office.